Ultra Violet Magazine is a unique spiritual lifestyle magazine combining fashion photography, beautiful artwork & spiritual guidance. The magazine is ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring their spirituality and self awareness. It is aimed at people of all levels of spiritual awakening, including those who are just starting their journey, with advice and lifestyle suggestions.  There  are also a number of more in depth articles for those further along their path.


I am Sarah Louise Johnson, Founder of Ultra Violet Magazine. I worked as a fashion photographer for a decade, studied graphic design, I love painting and writing and have also completed many spiritual courses.   I now have a deeper understanding as to why I have been guided to so many different paths during my life to date.

I began my spiritual ascension journey in 2010 and have been focused on it ever since. As a result of a series of dreams and guidance I felt it was part of my awakening mission to release a magazine and blog to help people going through the process of spiritual awakening and help to raise conscious awareness and positivity.

My aim with Ultra Violet is to make spirituality more accessible by creating something beautiful to attract a greater number of people to read a spiritual magazine and use it as a tool for soul growth.   People may not currently pick up spiritual magazines because of the way they look and whilst there are many stunning fashion publications available they can lack meaningful content.   Why not have the best of both worlds?   Additionally Ultra Violet magazine aims to create a bridge between spirituality and living here on earth and tries to find an acceptable balance. The magazine’s aim is to show that you can be spiritual and still live a ‘normal’ life, integrating  with society and everyday life whilst still exploring one’s spiritual awakening.  Having come across a lot of judgmental people in the spiritual world with very set viewpoints, and incidentally having also been such a person,  the aim of UV magazine is to move spirituality away from this mindset by creating a magazine built on a firm foundation of love, passion and shared growth.

It is important to note that contributors to Ultra Violet magazine are, like myself, sharing their personal beliefs and experiences.   Nothing is ‘fact’ and there is no one right way to do things.   It is down to each individual reader to tune into their higher consciousness and take from our articles that which inspires and resonates within them.

Ultra Violet does review products, holidays and spiritual practises but can only tell the truth and deliver an honest review.  We will not review or advertise anything that we do not feel guided to share or feel good about.



“We’re all just walking each other home.”

Ram Dass