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UV loves ‘Think Dirty’ app


“The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body Every Day Without Knowing”

This is such a fantastic little app, with more and more awareness of late, as to the hidden chemicals that sneak into our beauty regimes, ‘think dirty’ allows you to search for or scan the barcode on many items to find out just how toxic your beauty products are.

The full list of ingredients in products can often be difficult or even impossible to find, many simply don’t list ingredients since they are not required to by the government. Unfortunately products that are not ingested are not held to the same high standard as food products and are often open to abuse by companies. As long as ingredients are on the GRAS list (generally recognised as safe) they are allowed to be included in our beauty products although we may not be ingesting them they are being soaked into our bodies through our skin. The skin is the largest organ in our body and it would be naive  to think that we wouldn’t be affected by lathering on chemicals.  A lot of us put so much thought into choosing healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle, we should also be able to have the ability to choose clean products. Often even if a product does list ingredients they are not familiar to us and we have no idea if they are harmful or not and their possible side effects.

Developed by Lily Tse, ‘think dirty’ was born from her frustration at trying to work out what was what in the cosmetics aisles. When you search for a products name or scan a barcode It will give you information about chemicals in the product and also suggestions for ‘cleaner’ alternatives. Whilst it doesn’t recognise every product it is definitely a great app to utilise when try to live a healthy, low chemical lifestyle.



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