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Earth from above…stunning drone photography.


“I have been inspired by this ariel world since I took my first flights on an aeroplane as a child.  When I saw the plane take off I was mesmerised by how spectacular the world looked from this birds-eye perspective. Everything looked so different it was like I was looking at a whole new world..”

It’s many people’s dream to fly and see how beautiful our earth is from above. Marco Ghisetti who is based in Offanengo a small town near Milan has been fascinated by flight and Ariel photography since being a child and has worked his way up from a primitive home made drone he made himself to being able to capture some jaw dropping images of our beautiful earth from a birds eye perspective. You can find more of Marco’s work on his Instagram page @marcoghisetti and buy his prints at  society six. I asked Marco a few questions about his journey so far with Ariel photography;


What got you into Ariel photography?

I  have been fascinated by flight and the perspective of the earth from above since I was a young child. I love how small and perfectly formed everything seems from an Ariel perspective, compared to walking around on ground level.  Around six years ago,  in a desire to capture images for myself I began building my first rc aircraft and fitted an iPod on it to capture Ariel videos.  After using this homemade contraption for a while my uncle bought me my first drone as a present, it cost around 100 dollars and had a very primitive camera on it. It didn’t have any gps or flight assistance and it was  very hard to pilot.

How did you learn to use the drone?

I am self taught and just experimented beginning with building my own basic equipment, to the drone my uncle gave me and working upwards to use much more professional equipment that can help me create more professional work. The models on the market now are so much easier to drive and control than the one I started with, which allows me more freedom to capture the images I wish to create.

Marco with his drone set up, a far cry from his first handmade version.
Marco capturing a huge crater from a birds-eye perspective.

What inspired you to want to get into Ariel photography?

I have been inspired by this ariel world since I took my first flights on an aeroplane as a child. When I saw the plane take off I was mesmerised by how spectacular the world looked from this birds-eye perspective. Everything looked so different, it was like I was looking at a whole new world and it captured my imagination. The lines were so clean and geometric I couldn’t believe how different it all looked to walking around on foot. I wanted to be able to share the beauty with everyone and be able to have the freedom to explore further not just the path of the flight. When I was older I set about trying to create these images and be able to showcase and immortalise the beauty that mesmerised me as a child.


How has your view on the world around you changed as a result of your new persepctive of it?

Sometimes when I see certain infrastructures and buildings they are so geometrically perfect I often wonder if they had been built to be beautiful from above. Often when we are walking around in our daily life we can’t appreciate this beauty and I love being able to create these images and share them, so we can all appreciate this beautiful planet we live on. I also love that I can travel over places that would be very difficult to get to by foot, it’s allowed me to explore so many places of the world we live in I never would have seen had I not been flying my drone.

Flying over a frozen lake that appears as a black heart from above shot with a Mavic pro.

What plans do you have for future work?

In the future I would like to travel more and explore places that have not yet been captured from above, maybe even places that are hostile to life and difficult to reach.

What are some of your favourite images to date?

My favourite images are very clean and simple, I love clean lines and sharp geometric minimal composition. I love the j formed by buoys or greenhouses when seen from above as in this photo above. I also love the roundabouts and intersections from an Ariel view, they are unique and it’s something we really don’t appreciate as we see roads as quite ugly from our grounded perspective but when you see them from above there is a whole new beauty in their geometric form we were not aware of in day to day life.


What is your favourite experience so far?

One of my favourite experiences was in Lanzarote where despite the bad weather conditions and strong winds I was able to control my drone and capture stunning images. When flying the drone I am often challenged by nature and when I am able to work with it and create amazing shots it makes me super proud.

Have you had any bad experiences with the drones?

Yes I was once starting a drone from my car’s bonnet and it went completely out of control. The compass it had inside  was completely sent out of alignment by the magnetic fields produced by the car. I had no idea before hand that this would interfere with the drones compass so was unsure what was going on when the drone began spinning out of control!   I also had an incident in my garden when a propeller on my phantom 2 became loose and fell off and bought my drone crashing down. I have also had issues with over head cables, the interference they produce can interfere with the drones flight path and I have a few crashes due to these!!!  I feel I have not been that lucky!