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Sacred Sound and Vocal Toning Teacher Training


We were born to sing and play music…Let’s demystify and explore the world of sound and rediscover The Alchemist of Sound within you…


Have you had an interest in sound healing and feel drawn to offer this wonderful healing gift to others?  Or maybe you already work in the spiritual field and think adding sound healing to your workshops or classes would bring in an extra dimension.

Anne Malone is offering a sacred sound training course in London running from April to July.



A Little bit about Anne

Anne’s love of Music, Yoga and Meditation has lead her to learn and work with many wonderful teachers, Maharaji … Shiva Rea, Jai Uttal, Brandon Bays, Chris James, Annie Spencer, and from gigging at The Mean Fiddler to playing Hang on Skyros. Anne’s passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the tropical sounds of Vera Cruz in Mexico, she’s written music for BBC, Theatre, yoga DVDs and audio books.  Anne hosts Oasis of Sound and Mantra Lounge at Mind Body Spirit Festival, facilitates Sound Training Course for Yoga campus and offers Retreats at home and abroad.


The Sacred sound teacher training course

This unique 8-day (50+ hour) teacher training course will explore the essence of Sacred Sound Healing and Vocal Toning enabling you to facilitate group Sound Baths and 121 Sound Healing Sessions.

Focussing on the instruments used in Anne’s Oasis of Sound sessions, students will learn how to play:

  • Singing Bowls
  • Sansula
  • Shamanic Drum
  • Rainstick
  • Gong
  • Hang

We will also explore the following:

  • Placement of the Singing Bowl on the body and its healing effects
  • Vocal Toning, which is a technique using the voice to sonically scan the body for imbalances
  • Chanting and singing Mantras
  • Developing creativity through intuitive song writing
  • Structuring a well balanced playlist
  • Space clearing using sound

Specifically – students will:

  • Learn and craft the art of Sacred Sound and Shamanic journeying
  • Become proficient in techniques of playing instruments, their application and placement
  • Become proficient in vocal toning and vocal sensibility, improvisation, harmony, rhythm developing
  • Develop fine tuning facilitation skills and self confidence
  • Create and choreograph Sound Baths and One to One Sound Healing Session
  • Incorporate playlists alongside live music and guided meditation into your chosen practice
  • Become proficient in Space Clearing with Sound
  • Learn the technique of Singing Bowl Chakra placement

See how Sound actually becomes physical; its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound. These vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages. Through this connection to Sound, students will naturally develop confidence in singing and self-expression through improvisation techniques and Mantra work to help strengthen the voice. This will extend to finding the loving power within your heart and share with your class, session or performance

With the introduction of each new instrument, vocal technique and skill, we will focus on experiencing the sound and its effect upon the body and environment, followed by a demonstration of the technique, followed by hands on practice. Working in small groups, we will practice and explore, constantly refining these newly learnt skills, returning to each one, building on and refining these beautifully healing gifts of sound. After each session you will receive video footage of techniques and related information, which will become part of your manual.

Please note that you will be required to carry out some pre-course pre-reading to en-able you to get the most out of the training. We therefore recommend that you register for the course as early as possible to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare.



You will receive a certificate of competency following full attendance of the course and assigned homework.


£720 – instalment plans available


Course dates

Weekend 1: 28/29 April

Weekend 2: 19/20 May

Weekend 3: 16/17 June

Weekend 4: 14/15 July

Each session will run from 9.30am to 5.00pm with a one hour lunch break


For booking and more details visit  Sacred sound teacher training