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Kymiaarts – Oil of Gold and Alchemy


Oil of Gold


Suggested use:
1-5 drops taken daily and diluted into a beverage of your choice (Coffee, Tea, Wine, Kombucha, etc.)

There is currently a discount on oil of gold at Kymia arts from $75.00 to $35.00 while stocks last. If like me you have been debating trying out one of these tinctures… now is the time. Oil of gold was top of my list so I took this as a sign… it was time to take the plunge! I have been studying alchemy for several years now, the effects of metal on the body and have tried monoatomic gold in the past. The metallic tinctures at Kymia came highly recommended and I have been dying to try them out ever since.

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​Planet: Sun
Metal: Gold
Day: Sunday
Color: Purple
Chakra: Sahasrara
Element: Space
Endocrine: Pineal
Bodily  association: DNA





What is it?

The Oil of Gold is truly an oil extracted from metallic Gold. It does not contain any metallic constituents or particles and is considered to be organic in nature. Since the Oil of Gold does not contain any metallic particles, this means that it is not a colloidal suspension such as Colloidal Gold found on the market today, nor is it merely an “energetic” tincture such as gemstone elixirs that contains the frequency of the metal or stone in use. The Oil of Gold is not associated with Ormus in any way. It is also not to be confused with the traditional Aurum Potabile of the classic alchemists. As stated above, the Oil of Gold is an actual oil that is extracted from its metallic source – Gold. The Oil of Gold is a highly complex, hydrophobic liquid, very much like a plant essence would be defined to be. The Oil of Gold is comprised of organic compounds, namely phenols, terpenes, and pyrroles. It is these compounds that give the Oil of Gold its unique aroma, taste, color, and therapeutic effects.

Working with the Oil of Gold can have profound effects on one’s physical and mental state and set the user in a position to carry on the long history and use of this powerful life giving aid.

Spiritual Overview :

The Oil of Gold is associated with the planetary energies of the Sun and the Crown Chakra. The crown chakra, being the third eye, was known to be the center of unity with pure and undifferentiated Consciousness. This plane of pure consciousness, known to ancient alchemists as “Prima Materia,” was recognized as the source of all. Stimulating this center opens the third eye and provides a broader perspective and understanding of the higher self while still being aware of the energy centers that lie beneath it.

The ancients believed that levels of expanded awareness resided within this center, encompassing everyone, everything, and everywhere at all times. An opened crown chakra makes one fully Human and fully Divine at the same time. This is the gateway that connects us to both the physical and non-physical realms of existence. It is from here that we realize our divinity and our connection to all that is, recognizing

life as an extension of our own consciousness – that we are the dreamer dreaming the dream. Grasping these understandings makes it possible to see that all manifestations, whether viewed as good or bad, are a result of our thought patterns that become subconscious beliefs…and in knowing this, we begin to change the dream.

Physically the Oil of Gold corresponds to the Pineal Gland, situated between the two hemispheres of the brain. The Pineal Gland has a multitude of responsibilities, but is known mostly for its production of Melatonin and DMT. Melatonin helps regulate the sensations of sleep and wakefulness. It is also known to protect DNA against degenerative mutations, in effect keeping the body free of disease, aiding in aspects of anti-aging, observed longevity, and youthfulness. These understandings are in accord with alchemical perspectives which have stated that the Oil of Gold is a universal panacea, capable of healing all disease within the body, and even an elixir for immortality keeping one forever youthful if desired.

This center is considered the true self, the inner self, or that which is of central concern. It is also associated with general vitality, the ability to assert oneself, become unprejudiced, and aware of life as it is. Full opening of this energy center is considered to be extremely difficult and hard to sustain.

Spiritually it is seen that the Oil of Gold solidifies your connection to pure and unbounded consciousness, incorporating intuitive understanding of infinite wisdom and a direct relationship to the source of all. Clear perception of this level of consciousness allows you to awaken the inherent consciousness within every cell of the body, and clearly see that Consciousness as the true self. Awakening this center fully eliminates the cause for suffering and limitation and liberates you from cyclic modes of thinking and existence, opening you up to the experience of true reality.

Although the Oil of Gold is attributed to such states as infinite consciousness, divine reality, and physical immortality, let it be noted that even while using this oil as a powerful tool, this center still remains difficult to fully open and keep open. Consistent and daily use of the Oil of Gold will be needed to reach such states of being. To ancient alchemists, the Oil of Gold was considered a treasure among treasures. Because of its magnificent powers of healing and ability to awaken the divine consciousness in man, this particular oil became a closely guarded secret and was considered a most precious gift from God. The Oil of Gold is to be treated with reverence and awe.

Great intuitive knowledge and wisdom. Absolute awareness of the spiritual self. Unified in spirit to all that exists. Eliminates the cause of suffering and severs ignorance at the root. Liberation from cyclic existence. Direct experience to true reality.Overactive:
Intellectualizing things too much. Addicted to spirituality. Ignoring bodily needs. Unable to control your encounters with other realms of existence. May be considered “far out.” Trouble grounding yourself. Can be hard for people to take you seriously. May posses a God complex. Considering yourself better than others.Under-active:
Lack of purpose in life. All feels meaningless. Angry at God. Blame lifes’ circumstances on the things outside of you. Coordination issues. Clumsiness, Poor balance. Lack of spirituality. No desire to know or discover your inner-self.

Oil of Gold: The Science of Metallic oils and How they affect your cells.


Red liquid in chemical beaker on a black background

What are Metallic Oils?

Metallic oils are essences extracted from a metal. They are not colloidal suspensions, nor are they simply energetic tinctures. They are not related to Monoatomic or ORMES state elements. Truly, these are essential oils, derived from a metal.

These oils are the essential oil of the metal. An essential oil is a highly complex concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing organic volatile aromatic compounds, and we find that the characteristics of metallic oils, matches the definition of an essential oil.

With metallic oils being so similar to plant essential oils, we find that their chemical composition is also very similar. All essential oils have a unique chemical profile that makes them who they are.

This chemical profile is what gives the essential oil its unique fragrance, taste, and medicinal qualities. The compounds comprised in an essential oil – alcohols, aldehydes, terpens, ethers, ketone, and so on – are what make the essential oil beneficial for our bodies.

How are they made?

Intuitively, extracting an essential oil from a metal doesn’t make much sense. There isn’t any moisture found within it. You can press, steam, and distill them all day and never recover a drop.

It isn’t in the traditional ways that we can find oil within a metal, but more so in the methods that alchemy has made known to us. To understand their methods, we must understand their beliefs.

Alchemists believed that everything in life has a Soul, including metals. This Soul is equated with the universal consciousness that pervades all.

Through their laboratory experiments on nature, alchemists came to understand that the Soul of an object is always expressed as an oil. Since metals too were believed to have a Soul, then it came as no surprise to the alchemist that you could produce an oil from a metal.

In the past, alchemists spoke of their laboratory works in a spiritual manner, passing on their processes by relating them to religious texts or mythologies. But today the process by which a metallic oil can be extracted would be understood as a catalytic conversion reaction.

This is essentially using a metal to grab on to other elements suspended in solution, and passing them along to create new compounds. This passing along by the metal causes these natural elements of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon to arrange themselves into structured geometries, creating organic compounds – the same compounds found in plant essences.

In the extraction of metallic oils, the metal is only used as a catalyst, and is left out of the end product. The metallic essence is considered to be organic in nature, consisting of only oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen. This classifies metallic essences as therapeutic grade oils that are safe for internal or external use.

​How do they work?

There are three main ways by which metallic oils work on the individual.

1) the Phenols found within the essence circulate through the system and cleanse the receptor sites of each cell. Cell receptors are made to receive stimuli from extracellular molecules, which stimulate the cell to function in particular ways and generate the overall health, equilibrium, or distress of the body. Cell receptor sites will stay clogged unless cleansed by particular compounds, in this case phenols. With receptor sites cleared, the body’s cells can now receive new information that will introduce fresh functions for how the cells should respond to the environment that your intelligence and consciousness set for them.

2) Sesquiterpenes enter the nucleus and remove faulty or mutated genetic sequences that may be causing the body stress. On their way to the nucleus, these compounds also oxygenate the blood and create an alkaline system at PH 7.35. Oxygen boosts metabolism and regeneration, while the alkaline state reduces inflammation and kills healthy habitat for disease.

3) Monoterpenes restore cellular memory to its most optimum state. In this way, the natural rhythms of the body harmonize. Hormone production is balanced reducing physical and mental stress, sleep cycles are moderated which help set the stage for increased mental faculties to flourish and evolve, and dissonance is gently released so that the mind, body, and personal experience find balance with one another.

The most important aspect to the chemistry of an essential oil is that it exists only as a packet of probability. Each body has its own unique internal chemical environment that determines how other substance will react when in their presence.

It is the mind that creates this setting and determines how essential oils will function in the body. This means that oils will have different results depending on the frame of mind you hold yourself in when using them.

To get the best results with a metallic oil, it is recommended that the user read the content associated with the oil in use. This will move the mind to contemplate the thoughts that best set the stage for the organic essence to heal your body on a cellular level and gently transform your experience.

​What results can be expected?

Because metallic oils are working on the cellular level, it should not be expected to experience physical sensations when working with an essence. Metallic essences attune the entire system – body and mind – in a gentle manner, from the inside out, so that transitions, healing, and growth come silently into your experience.

Each body is unique, which makes each oils expression unique to the individual. This means that it can be possible to feel the oil, in whatever way that might be for you. It is of value to pay close attention to your thoughts, moods, dreams, appetite, social interactions, conversations, and media consumption while working with an essence.

If you are consciously tracking your reality, you may begin to notice how your moods are shifting to be more positive or less stressed. Increased energy or dream activity may also result. Finding yourself in new opportunities or experiences can also be witnessed.

Reading the material associated with the oil in use will help to pinpoint in what areas you might expect to see changes occur – physically, mentally, or emotionally.

In some scenarios there is what is referred to as the initial detox phase when incorporating spiritual medicines. If toxins are present in the body, the oils presence will want to push them out. Sometimes this detox is noticeable as increased sweating or a change in stool, but usually this passes without any major notice to change.

Mental and emotional detox can also begin to occur. This may look like unhealthy relationships or attachments drifting away from your experience. Whether it is attachment to a person, a feeling, an object, or any other perceived experience, using a metallic oil will influence your moods and mentality to change, so that you begin to let go of the things that may hold down your fullest potentials from being expressed.

These shifts occur due to the balancing of the body’s hormones, influenced by the presence of these organic compounds. Balanced hormonal function also means harmonized mental and emotional outputs. These actions help sustain a state of awareness in the individual which some might consider as the awakened state.

If there are attachments, views, or biases keeping the individual from experiencing this state, then the mental-emotional detox will gentle remove these veils of perception.

And, It only takes a little to solicit these transitions in your experience. For example, within every drop there are enough of the medicinal constituents to coat every single cell 5,000x with the cleansing, beneficial agents of the oil. This translates as only small amounts needed to gain the benefits that these oils have to share.

Metallic oils work best when 1-10 drops are diluted into a drink of your choice and then ingested. Any fluid works, tea, wine, coffee, juice, etc. Your main interest when working with an essence is to get the oil in to you so that it can begin to work its magic.

Meditating on the content and correspondences associated to each particular essence can help to deepen the transitions of body and spirit that the oil can encourage. Contemplating the lessons contained in every vial will bring great insight, guidance, and support to your unique path. ​​