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Heart space – new moon in Aquarius kundalini yoga and gong with Kwali 22nd Feb 6:30-8:30


Heart space – New moon in Aquarius, kundalini yoga and gong meditation with Kwali.

Thursday  22nd February 6:30-8:30pm.

We are living in the age of Aquarius for the next 2,000 years so it’s really important that we understand it’s potent energy so we can ride it’s powerful electrifying waves. When in harmony with this sign we have the whole universe on our side and the best way to welcome the Uranian vibration into our life is to honour the Aquarian element of Air, which we do naturally whenever we focus our attention on the breath. In this session we will perform a physical kriya to become crystal clear followed by a powerful meditation that will strip away the etheric mask that we have been forced to wear in order to cover up our light for fear of shining too brightly. Now is the time to let the past projections of the ego mind fall away to reveal the most authentic self in all its glory. Once achieved on a personal level we can then all work together from our highest aspect to create heaven on Earth. Join Kwali Kumara for a transformative kundalini yoga and sacred sound healing ceremony to embrace the Aquarian energies and vibrate the cosmos together in unity consciousness.


@ Evolve Wellness Centre
Thursday Febuary 22nd 2018

6.30pm – 8.30pm
[Investment £25]

All Welcome
book online at or evolve or call 020 7581 4090