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A PATH to PARADISE How do I reach Paradise?


“Wanderer there is no path,
The path is made by walking”

Antonio Machado
Proverbios y Cantares – Campos de Castilla


How do I reach Paradise?

By Michael Reece from ‘Paths to Enlightenment’


I met a friend upon my path who asked where I was going.
“I go in search of Paradise,” I said.
“I know it well,” the friend replied. “If you want I’ll take you there.”
And of course I eagerly agreed.

I found myself astride a bed bathed in dancing light.
The bed was placed upon a pier built above the sea.
Filled with expectations of a perfect day ahead I danced with joy upon the planks and headed for the shore.

A virgin beach of glistening sand was fringed by coco palms and red hibiscus glowed like precious gems.
The ocean hung in sapphire shades.
Dolphins tumbled in the surf.

I lay upon the sand listening to the swaying palms
and the murmuring of foam upon the shore.
“Perhaps,” I thought, “I’m trespassing on someone’s private land and they will loose their dogs upon me.”
Laughing off my cares I ran toward the sea.
I saw the dolphins in the deep and stopped:
“Perhaps I am deceived,” I thought. “Are those dolphins savage sharks circling in prospect of a kill? What dangers lurk beneath the blue? Riptides that will sweep me out? Currents that will drag me down?” and sighing, thought it best to seek the safety of my room.

My friend was waiting at the pier and asked me how I’d spent my day.
“Like anywhere I’ve ever been Paradise is full of fear.”
“Your fears do not exist,” he laughed.
“You cannot trespass upon land that belongs
to everyone.
You alone make Paradise a hell.
You could have spent your day in peace,
enjoyed the sun,
the glistening sea,
but you chose to sit in terror of monsters from the deep.

Paradise is not a place,
nor is it a reward,
you’ll find it in an attitude of mind.
Do not search for Paradise,
Paradise is all around.
Still your thoughts
and Paradise shall be.”

Michael Reece ‘Paths to enlightenment’
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