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A PATH OUT of TIME What is meant by ‘time is an illusion’?

I was running in the dark.
I was lost.
In my joy was sadness, in my laughter tears.
“Show me a path,” I cried. “Guide me to a purpose,
some meaning for my life.”
From deep within, a voice that was no voice cried,
“Find me!”
I felt this call in every cell.
“Who are you? Guide me to you.”
And although I didn’t know,
without a road, without a step,
a journey had begun …



Today was one of those beautifuly synchronistic days. I was taking some videos for Anne Malone who is an awesome sound healer… if you haven’t been to one of her classes, I can’t recommend them highly enough. We were shooting in her friend’s house Michael Reece. The house was like something from an interior design show, filled with Buddhas, stunning art work, plants and candles. Michael is an incredible artist and author of the book ‘Paths to enlightenment’ which, he wrote in a time of darkness in his life. The book has since gone on to help not only himself but a number of people to find peace on their journey and manifest abundance. Michael shares that;

Many years ago I moved to a new town. I felt uprooted and adrift, unsure of what to do with my life, so I asked for help. I didn’t know who I was asking or what kind of assistance I sought, I just asked. That morning, as my regular meditation was drawing to a close, an image flashed into my mind – a field of corn. Although it lasted for only a second the image seemed significant, loaded with meaning – I was searching for a way through the cornfield but couldn’t find a route until I took a small step. Although I’d hardly moved, my new position revealed that the crops had been sown in furrows each providing a path through the field. This image seemed a definite response to my predicament and an invitation to look at my circumstances from a different perspective.

The following day I received another image and the day after another; I set about translating them into words until I had a small collection of stories, each with a distinct message.”

Although the book was initially written as a self study, Michael shared it with a friend who was also in a time of hopelessness and it helped her so much he began to share the stories and teachings amongst his friends who all gained so much from the passages that he realised it had a wider message than for just himself.  Michael told me he had no idea he could paint and had no former ability to draw anything beyond matchstick figures but whilst, looking for an artist to illustrate his book he felt guided to just sit down and try. This resulted in a series of absolutely stunning visual images to reference each of the chapters of the book.  He says to this day he has no idea where this ability came from.

I will be sharing more from this book but for now I wanted to share one of the passages from the book that I was drawn to and hope that it resonates as much for you as it did for myself.

You can find the rest of Michael’s book at the link below as he has made it accessible for everyone to read free of charge. He is also currently planning to publish it as a book.



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Michael showing me his book.



What is meant by ‘time is an illusion’?


journeyed on a river and though I travelled fast, was overtaken by another.
“Come join me,” said the helmsman. “I can speed you on your way.”
I climbed aboard his boat and we flew before the wind.
Thus I came to contemplate the character of time,
“Often have I heard it told that time is an illusion and yet I see the passing of the days and the aging of my face as decades run their course.”

The man let loose the sail and we drifted on the tide.
“As the waters that support us do not know the river’s name so is nature mindless of your seconds ticking by.
You observed the changing seasons and the planets’ course and thus invented time.
The more you gave time credence the more of it you wanted and so you split the seasons into months, and days were cloven into hours.
You grow further from reality as time pollutes your lives and the seconds you created crack their unforgiving whips.
At first your clocks were round, revolving with the earth, now the numbers trudge along in arithmetical progression.

“Sadly what was once a tool has now become your master:
‘The sun will set at eight o’clock,’ you say, and thus you turn things on their head, giving power over nature to a measuring device.
This leads you to the false belief that time is absolute.
But time can be distorted because it is a fabrication, convenient like this river’s name, but not reality.
Is every minute of your life identical in length?
Does every hour march the same unerring beat?
One week has passed more quickly than a day,
A year is gone and still a month drags on.
Like a river, time flows fast or slow, may double back and sometimes come to rest –
a moment can be timeless after all.
Time is a deceptive tool and wields enormous power but you are the creator of every second that goes by.
Learn that time is not your master.
Be at peace and use it well.”

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