Beauty & Anti Ageing Esoteric




Fire is passionate, creative, temperamental and dynamic, it can keep us safe or it can bring great destruction. Fire can be born from a spark, it is a power we can harness and it can also be a cleansing tool to burn off what is no longer needed and like the phoenix rise from the ashes of what has been burnt off.



Air is changeable and in constant flow. The energy of air can harness our ability to  flow with life and allow change to happen with fluid motion. It aides us to let go of what no longer serves us and move into new energy with ease.

air psd.jpg an.jpg


Earth is grounded and stable, it is the foundation which is needed to build from. Earth is practical, stable and loyal but can be an overly focus on material wealth and need for survival.

EARTH.jpg an.jpg


Water is emotional, ultra-sensitive, mysterious and deep, like the ocean itself.  Water can be cleansing and can allow us to be purified or we can drown in it’s dark depths. Exploring our emotions and feeling out our deepest demons and emotional patterns are a necessary part of our awakening journey as long as we can integrate and process them and move through them and not be pulled down by them to the depths we can not escape from.

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Makeup @ Dunja Gagg

Hair @ Denise Davis

Photography @ Sarah Louise Johnson

Illustrations @ Alex Hovey