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The reason manifesting or ‘focusing on the positives’ does not appear to work is because we are using the ego and the mind to create what we feel we want and judging the things we don’t want as ‘bad’.

However, manifesting does work since everything is energy and we create our own reality. This is why people can go round and round in circles attracting things they desire but remaining unfulfilled at the core. The soul chooses this journey for the ultimate growth we require in our lifetime.

Once we can start embracing the things we see as negatives in the same manner as those we regard as positives and at the same time be thankful for their emergence so we can experience and integrate the feelings, we then move closer to our true ability to manifest from the soul rather than from the ego.    At this point we are whole and experience that inner abundance and joy on an external level –  ‘what is within so without’ as the saying goes. If you are manifesting from the ego then you are still in duality and for every high there will be a low.  True manifesting comes from being whole within and seeing that wholeness show up externally in your environment. Manifesting things to ‘make you whole’ is always going to end up reflecting the areas you are unsure of even when you seemingly are getting what you asked for.