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The story of the ear (shout out to all DJ’s, Music producers & Music Lovers)

Countless times I have been to parties, clubs, bars where many djs play tunes … including myself as a DJ…
The first golden rule I was thought by a colleague dj was ‘never to go in the red’ on the mixer – if its green, orange you are all good…


You can also manage your master gain to push the sound a bit more & in case there is a limiter you know your boundaries.

As years went by, I noticed that not everyone had received this valuable information which in turn through time turns into experience & knowledge.
I was noticing mixers peaking in the red, allowing my ears to become eyes on the dance floor… you could hear the hi frequencies just axing through earlobes…most music peps know this… that the more you grow older, the more you lose hearing in hi frequencies… this is inevitable for all humans… & this is where ear consciousness comes in.

After many years dancing away my youthful ears… I decided to have an ear test done to very soon realise that I had an inverted triangle in the 6000 hz… this was worrying but knowing it was inevitable …. I kept flowing through my music story, settling into music making rather than djing… but my shadows were not finished playing out, so I continued to wear and tear… & to my disgust my ears were at times getting raped by unlimited numbers of compressed and meaningless mp3’s played out by dj’s…ugh this was upsetting, and time wasting … but sure a learning curve.

This is my manifesto. 14 years later after going through ptsd with reminiscence, an endless akufen* (acouphenes : french word for tinnitus), & vertigo ….. I do not wish this on the future children of today.

Wear ear protection (or in worst case scenario you are being ear raped in the club & you have no options but to use toilet roll rolled up into a ball. Gently put into your ear without applying any pressure). This won’t stop you from having a good time but will filter out the nuisance.


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If you really like the music, buy your tracks in high quality (wav) & play them out. It will be rewarding to your ears and vibration to hear such fantastic frequencies instead of having uneducated ears a washed in a mess of axed mp3’s.

I do understand that we learn on the go, not every sound system & room acoustics are the same, so as dj’s we need to adapt, take care & be aware of the space and act upon it with the safety of our ears & others in mind.

Mind your ears, they are precious.
Don’t go in the red & please play wav, or any other high quality format (vynil – cd).
Please rest your ears or the result is a sea of mindless chaos…

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Music is vibration & the questions is what vibration are you putting out there?

Is there any rules or code that you work within?