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Here are my natural tooth care suggestions. I am not an expert but I am still filling free! I have put together a few of my key techniques below.

Use coconut oil for oil pulling. Whilst I do not do this as often as I should a teaspoon of coconut oil should be swilled around the mouth whilst sucking through the teeth for 20 mins until the oil becomes bitter tasting and then spit out.

Use remineralising tooth powder. I have tried a few different toothpastes in my time trying to find natural ones that work. I eventually came to the conclusion that activated charcoal is amazing as a cleaner and whitener but the tooth also needs building and remineralising so I now use a combination of the two. I mix together activated charcoal and bentonite clay mix. I buy the best quality of each in bulk from Amazon as it is so much cheaper mixing your own than buying the so called activated charcoal toothpastes which I have seen advertised at £14.99 for a tiny pot!

Use Aloe Vera as a natural mouthwash although I sometimes just chew a piece of natural Aloe Vera – be warned it is really bitter though!

I also recommend an electric water flosser

Of course it is almost impossible to find time to do all of these every day but incorporating them as and when you can makes a big difference.