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If we imagine “regular time” as a horizontal line running between “past” in one direction and “future” in the other, then imaginary time would run perpendicular to this line as the imaginary num

bers run perpendicular to the real numbers in the complex plane. Imaginary time is not imaginary in the sense that it is unreal or made-up — it simply runs in a direction different from the type of time we experience. In essence, imaginary time is a way of looking at the time dimension as if it were a dimension of space: you

can move forward and backward along imaginary time, just like you can move right and left in space. ‘

Stephen Hawking


Imaginary time is a concept derived from special relativity and quantum mechanics. We all have those days where the day seems to last forever and the ones that just fly by. Time is not real, at least in the way we record and imagine time. Time is a constraint we have taken upon ourseleves to avoid the now, to avoid being present. I see this theory play out in our day to day experience, we are walking along this self imposed time map we as humans have created but when we come into a state of presence we get all this extra time of just being that we didn’t see existed whilst we were engaging with the past and the future of linear time.